Brie Mine Grazing Box
Brie Mine Grazing Box

Brie Mine Grazing Box

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We don't want to sound cheesey but this Little Box will let someone special know that you think they're brie-lliant!  Packed to the brim with savoury gouda-ness, this one is sure to please!

The Brie Mine Grazing Box contains:
Cheese: A triple cream Brie heart, Wensleydale & Cranberry, Jarlsberg, Sharp Cheddar.
Hot and Mild salami roses, cabanossi, pickled baby cucumbers, crackers, beetroot and almond dip, pretzels, pea chips, cashews, spiced cherry fruit paste, maltesers, a chocolate heart, fresh strawberries and raspberries.

ONE DAY ONLY! Boxes will be delivered throughout the day of 14 Feb 2021.

Pictured is the Regular size. This product contains nuts and other allergens. Gluten Free option available.