This Pringle’s Ready to Mingle
This Pringle’s Ready to Mingle
This Pringle’s Ready to Mingle

This Pringle’s Ready to Mingle

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This Pringle is Ready To Mingle, and is the perfect Little Box for a comfy afternoon on the couch with your favourite streaming service and comfy, elastic waisted pants. 

In This Pringle Is Ready To Mingle Box you’ll find:
* Pringles 
* a full block of Cadbury marvellous creations chocolate
* Curly Wurly and Chomp bars
* Heart Lollies
* Sour worms
* Freddie Frogs
* Sherbet lollies
* Chuppa Chups
* Starburst
* Life savers
* Nutella Snack pack
* Kitkat and Kinder Bueno Bars 

This Sweet Grazing Box is everything you’ve been searching for, and more 😍



”This Box is Tween Dream! I got this for my birthday and love it so much. ” Alexis, 9.

”Perfect for all your PMS comfort needs” Jess, Fulham. 


Allergen advice: Please note this Box contains items with traces of nuts and other allergens. Check out our Vegan and Gluten Free range for other options. 

Delivered any where around Adelaide and through the Adelaide Hills. From Virginia and Gawler all the way down south to Sellicks, from Largs Bay to Mt Barker, Little Box Co has your delivery sorted 7 days a week!

Please contact us if you’d like this to post this box, and we can arrange it for you.